So, this is still happening on the heels of the continued (and ever-more-damaging) Hillary Clinton email scandal:

Oh, of course! It’s totally sexism and stuff, you guys. Silly girls can’t be expected to know how pesky things like THE TRUTH work. Sheesh!

Hume then inspired The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan Last to call him a “national treasure.”

Why? Well, Fox News’ Brit Hume once again took on two Twitter followers as only he can. No matter where you stand in regard to Bill Kristol, Hume’s replies are hilarious. First came this complaint:



And then someone took issue with that deadpan snark from Hume.

Oh dear. Take it away, Mr. Hume!

Snicker. Never change, Mr. Hume. Even if or when we disagree, your humor is much appreciated always.