OK, guys. This truly is infuriating. The leaked emails from WikiLeaks expose some absolutely devastating things about the pathological liar and incessantly corrupt Hillary Clinton. Big news, right? Well, not if you are the bootlickers over at the New York Times.

Laura Ingraham spotted this on Sunday:


Heh. True.

Bury those bones, lapdogs! They aren’t even TRYING to be professional anymore. But, hey. Some kind of nebulous hateful rhetoric or something. THAT is apparently the key take-away thus far.

Keep digging, lapdogs. Do you not understand that this is a big part of the reason that Donald Trump became the nominee? “Normals” (those not entrenched in the Beltway or busily navel-gazing) are tired of being force-fed false narratives and agendas because the media thinks they are all oh-so-much better and smarter than us all. That baloney doesn’t fly anymore. But keep trying. It’s pretty funny actually.


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