As we reported yesterday, the alleged Cascade Mall terrorist shooter reportedly voted here illegally. Not once. THREE times.

It really is. Although, it’s also expected from the Palace Guards. What lapdog media does NOT cover extensively often exposes its bias even more than what they do cover.

We have a winner! What causes even more support for Donald Trump? The absolute refusal by many to use the T-words; Terrorist and terrorism.

Some Smarty Pantsers still don’t seem to understand that. “Normal” people, those not entrenched in old school political “strategy” and the like, have real and valid concerns. Terrorism is one of them. And they resent the ridiculous attempts to deny that acts of terror are actual acts of terror. They also are enraged by the fact that we Americans are scolded and lectured about Islamaphobia while the Left and the media incessantly try to deny this:

And lie to spin it by claiming absurdities like this:

Further, terrorists being allowed into our country, and now VOTING — three times — is, well, terrifying to most.

To the Left and the media (again, concentric circles on a Venn diagram)? Crickets. Look away, folks! And concentrate on not saying meany pants things, like in New York City, where a terrorist bombing attack recently occurred. Heck, Hillary Clinton welcomes fathers of terrorists at her rallies, for goodness sake.

He’s not alone. Sharyl Attkisson noted this:

Yep. It’s nutty nuts. Even those who don’t support Donald Trump agree.

The “terrorist” silence is deafening.

And this sums it all up: Will this win the election for Donald Trump and lose it for Hillary Clinton?

Absolutely spot on. But, hey, Donald Trump doesn’t speak presidential and stuff! Keep pushing that, Team Hillary. For many, that is a positive.