That’s right. And one can easily figure that out simply by looking at the latest pitiful media attacks on Donald Trump. First, there was this:

Breathless, giddy pearl-clutching ensued. Yet intellectually honest people knew what he was talking about and why. In fact, conservatives have pressed such issues for years and years: Democrats continue to enslave minorities. Democrat-run cities have been destroyed. Democrats chain black voters into a box and they dare not leave the Dem plantation. We all know this. WE all know the harm that Democrats have done, and continue to do, to the black community. There is an entire cottage industry dedicated to the continued enslavement of that community.

We failed in that message for a long time. Who is getting that message across?

Donald Trump.

Fast forward to this morning when the media attempted to stir up outrage over Don King’s use of the n-word at a Donald Trump rally. Boy, did they fail! Of course, they will continue to attempt such false attacks anyway, in aid of Hillary Clinton. The perpetuating of such false narratives? It’s a PANIC move. Panic like the wind! And here’s why:

Ding, ding, ding. Team Hillary is running scared. Expect the attacks to get even worse and more spurious. Don’t fall into it.