That stompy foot tweet from the deplorable Christopher Hayes is even worse when one knows what sparked that “I’m such a victim” attention-whining.

Yep. And “stupid” is putting it mildly. You see, MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes thought it wise to cheer … literally cheer … bombs used by terrorists. No, really. Because, they aren’t guns. If you needed more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder, there you go!

Twitter users were outraged and rightly so. And schooled the fool with just a few key, and devastating, questions.

Well, to be fair, that assumes he has a working mind.

Here are two more simple questions for the simpleton.

Hmm. And devastating reminders:

Heck of a job, Hayes. Keeping exposing yourself and your ilk for the deplorable (see what we did there?) folks that you are.