Author and radio host Larry Elder hit the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick with both barrels. As we all know, Kaepernick has decided to snub the national anthem as a snit fit “protest.” You see, he doesn’t want to “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Good grief. Enter the always-amazing Larry Elder. Take it away, sir!

Yep. So much for those shrieking “free speech.”

Time for the final punch via one brutal cartoon:

Knock. Out.

So, of course foul libs had to swoop in with vile attacks:

Natch! Here are a few examples:

Wow. The “tolerance” brigade on full display, including usual suspect actress Rose McGowan.

Racist, much? Repugnant. Remind me again: Who are the oppressors? It seems to me that the true oppressors are those who attempt to bully anyone from leaving the Democrat plantation.