As Twitchy readers know, Hillary Clinton has yet to visit flood-ravaged Louisiana. But, guys, she’s got some Martha’s Vineyard canoodling to do and stuff. Sheesh. Not to mention frantically trying to come up with more lies to cover up the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

While Donald Trump was visiting the devastated areas.

As we told you this weekend, even Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (Democrat) praised Trump’s visit. Where was Hillary? Donald Trump slammed her on Twitter with this:

Snicker. Well, Monica Alba, an NBC producer following Hillary Clinton on the trail, thought it prudent to “fact check” something like that. No, for serious. She did that. Take a gander and giggle madly:

Oh, honey. Bless your Hillary-covering heart. Burn? Or something?


Ding, ding, ding! So, kudos, Ms. Alba. By letting your “I’m With Her” bias show, you also let your own idiocy show. Oh, he shame. Excellent self-beclowning, ma’am!

Yep. And we’re seeing more and more of it as alleged journos, newsers and new media folks giddily run to slam Trump at every turn. Even when they are, you know, moronically wrong.