So, this happened:

Repugnant. But note the “bolder” part: “Abortion rights movement is bolder.” First, abortion rights movement? Um, do you mean pro-aborts? Because that what they are. Second, gee, we wonder why? Hint: Hillary Clinton.

As of now, President Obama has been the most pro-abortion president ever. In fact, he vehemently supports the practice of leaving babies born alive to die. No, seriously. If they ‘don’t just come out limp and dead’ and all, said Obama. Pesky babies struggling to survive with a strong will to live! How dare they?

And the horrific truth is that Hillary Clinton will be even worse than President Obama in that regard, as her anti-women record shows. But, if you need more proof that Hillary Clinton will be the most pro-abortion president ever, even more so than “limp and dead” Barack Obama, take a gander at Planned Parenthood’s Twitter background:


Hillary Clinton is literally Planned Parenthood’s poster child. Whoops, we mean their poster “clump of cells.”

Sickening. Well, monsters do flock together.