It really is astonishing. Take a gander:

As Twitchy readers know, that paraphrase is correct, proving Wonkette and some alleged feminists are completely beyond parody. But, hey, Ted Kennedy left a woman to drown to death and he was lionized, and by many “feminists” as well. The disgusting Joyce Carol Oates called Chappaquiddick a “fortunate fall” for Kennedy. No biggie, guys! All that matters is Kennedy and Bill Clinton, after their odious acts, then fashioned themselves into super cool libs and stuff.

And the reprehensible Melissa Lafsky wrote that Mary Jo Kopechne was a “footnote” who may have thought her death WORTH IT. No, seriously. She wrote that. Of course, we can never know what Mary Jo Kopechne thought. Because Ted Kennedy left her to die. Alone.

Probably totally her own fault, just like the women Bill Clinton sexually assaulted, right Hillary Clinton? Which brings us back to the sickening “so Clinton may be a rapist, big whoop”? What’s a little rape if it results in super awesome lefty policy, right “feminists”?

Katie Pavlich brilliantly offered up a counter-argument with one simple link:

Bada-Bam! This should be required reading for every alleged feminist.

Yep. Read it, folks.

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