What’s up today? This.

Of course. Queen Hillary Clinton is given a pass for even alleged criminal acts. Because, Trump You Guys! In case you missed it, here’s the latest scoop on Mrs. Clinton’s shady moves; Talk about a criminal risk!
The media is worse than it ever was, which is saying a lot. False and exaggerated narratives abound. Yesterday, the Donald Trump and the Second Amendment comment controversy was breathlessly reported endlessly. Reported as an assassination threat. As fact.

Not everyone agreed and with arguable reason:

THAT is definitely clear. Media is indubitably all-in for Hillary Clinton and they are rabidly anti-Trump. Townhall columnist Kurt Schlicter thinks this is why:

This is also a bit curious:

Huh. Funny that. Methinks they doth project too much.

Townhall columnist, author and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich also gave the media the business. Beautifully.

But what is most telling?

Ding, ding, ding! They will always hear what they WANT to hear and what the caricatures in their minds say.