That’s funny, no matter where you land on Hillary vs. Trump. But the bombshell news to which it is in reference is the opposite of funny. And it’s dangerous.

Holy Smokes. A pay to play scheme? But, you know, Donald Trump ate a dog or something. No, wait. I forgot that was totally fine, if your name is Obama at least. Still, you see what I mean. Every day.

More from Bloomberg:

Newly released e-mails from a top aide to Hillary Clinton show evidence of contacts between Clinton’s State Department and donors to her family foundation and political campaigns.
The e-mails released Tuesday by the conservative group Judicial Watch included a 2009 exchange in which Doug Band, a senior staff member at the Clinton Foundation, told a top Clinton aide at the State Department that it was “important to take care of” an individual, whose name was redacted.

Huma Abedin, the State Department aide, replied that “personnel has been sending him options.”
The evident effort at job placement may add to criticism that the State Department was too close to the foundation during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, despite her pledge not to take actions benefiting her family’s charitable organization. The Republican Party has said that Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, sought to help contributors to the foundation in a “pay-for-play” scheme.

Wow. Just … wow.

Disgusting. Hillary Clinton idiotically recently tweeted about not putting the country at risk with Trump. Well, what is THIS, Hillary? Selling out the US for your own gain is the very definition of putting us at risk.

Media, hop on this one with breathless abandon, please. HA! Just kidding. I know they won’t.