Everyone seems to be at a loss for words over the fact that the Orlando terrorist’s father not only attended Hillary Clinton’s Fla. rally yesterday, but was caught sickeningly snapping photos during this part of the rally. People also noticed just how unfit and incompetent Hillary Clinton is.

But what will make it even more distressing? Media reaction to the story:

Yep. And as Twitchy readers know, we debunked the baby-booting story right away. Then it was also debunked by a Canadian journo who was, you know, there. American journos? Eh, whatever! Repeat lies often enough and they become the truth.

More key observations about the blatant media double standard:

Really foul, media.

Radio host and author Tammy Bruce retweeted these devastating points:


Here’s one of the original tweets:

Yep. Or a reported flubbing of words.

Because, THAT is super serious you guys! And apparently something at which the “unbiased’ media should sneer. Like this columnist:

Some don’t agree:


Or what about how Donald Trump being interrupted by Hillary Clinton shills was seemingly a bigger story than his economic speech itself? Tammy Bruce also noted and explained that one:

Support Donald Trump or not, one must admit that the media is even more shockingly and blatantly biased than usual. Media malpractice? (Hint: Yes.)

Will media incessantly drill Hillary Clinton about Omar Mateen’s father? We won’t hold our breath. But we will offer this exit idea; Why doesn’t the media highlight THIS point: