As Twitchy readers knew last night (while anyone watching network news would not have), the Wall Street Journal broke a story about the Obama administration secretly airlifting $400 million to Iran. Around the same time as the release of four Americans. Coincidence? You decide. IF, of course, you are even told about it by our media a.k.a Palace Guards.

No need to even show all; this tweet yesterday from the New York Times political correspondent pretty much summarize thems. Take a look:


This was the original tweet that Healy retweeted:

Trump’s “breach of decorum” is BREAKING (all caps to boot) news. Alleged ransom paid to Iran by the Obama administration? Not so much. He didn’t bother with that later in the evening.

Grenell is of course not alone. Many continue to notice the ever-increasing media bias, bordering on media malpractice.


One nit to pick:

Sadly true. Well, thanks for showing your true faces again, media!

And an exit idea:

Heh. That’s not funny, because it’s probably true.