Some Twitter users were buzzing over that photo comparison, wondering did WaPo fudge a photo of an Omaha Hillary Clinton rally? Reminder: The Democrat announcement for this rally is still one of the funniest things ever.

Here is the first photo tweeted out by Washington Post journo Abby Phillip:

Hmm. Of course, she did have to opine on the excitement level. They are totally boisterous and awesome guys!

Was she lying? The WaPo journo responded, again claiming crowd was in the thousands.

Others continued to insist it was a lot smaller.

But as many as the photo indicated? The article does say more than 50 attended, but listed in the snippet attendees in the hundreds not thousands. However, it seems to have been updated now to say 3,500 attendees. Some continued to question it.

And then there is another article from a different news outlet which still reports only hundreds:

From KTIV:

As we come closer to the November election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are making their way around the country to gain voters support.

Monday Clinton stopped in Omaha, Nebraska where she spoke to hundreds

What in the what? Which is it?

Media angles of photos are usually clearly meant to show a huge capacity crowd (if your name is followed by a (D), of course). Like this one from someone over at NBC:

Optics and stuff! Certainly journos DO try to make Dems look good, truth be damned. But, they expose themselves enough without exaggerated or false cries of bias. Here’s a zoomed-out photo that seems to line up with WaPo’s:

False? Fake but accurate? Exaggerated? It was originally tweeted by Hillary for Nebraska:

And another:

Also, this:

So, unless all those photos are fake, it appears the crowd size flap was wrong. Still, it wasn’t a particularly huge crowd for Hillary, especially with Warren Buffet. But anyway. Fact check: False.

One strange thing remains: Was KTIV lying then instead of WaPo? If so, why? Stay tuned.