Well, we have a new Great National Debate, guys.

After Trump tweeted that photo, the merits or lack thereof of KFC were discussed in depth. As was whether Donald Trump failed by eating it with a knife and fork (held the fancy pants proper way to boot!)

I do that. With pizza too, which pretty much got me thrown out of New Jersey. Anyway, the Trump / KFC convo was buzzing all last night on Twitter, natch. Most just had some fun with it.

Yay for lack of outrage! But some DID have pretty outrageous reactions. Like this guy, who started out pretty hilariously with this:

Snickering madly. But then this happened:

Don’t know nor care if he was, but hello? Welcome to politics. They ALL participate in absurd “optics.” Nowhere else but in politics does being “authentic” actually usually mean anything but. It’s all staged. Grow up.

But David Frum topped it all with his oh-so-smart take:

Oh good grief. Concern troll fail, once again. And if it was a joke attempt, well … FLOP.

P.S. Rut-roh. The knife and fork jokes may have to stop:

So confused!

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