Oh yes, she can be. Because it is a day ending in “y,” so the ever-moronic Sally Kohn felt the need to expose just how shameless and shameful she can be. Take it away, Sally!

Sally Kohn’s Hillary Clinton spin? THE WORST. The State Department’s inspector general report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server called her out as a big old liar pants. Hillary did NOT comply with federal records act, did not cooperate with the investigation and, in fact, knew a private email was a no-no. Kohn’s spin defense? But, but … shut up! Also, she’s just flat-out wrong (as per usual).

But, hey, repeat a lie often enough, huh, Sally? Alas, that no longer works and Ms. Kohn’s absurd defense claim was easily destroyed.


The truth is hard for Ms. Kohn. So, let’s try to make it simpler for her.

And please do check this out, Sally:

And this:

New Hillary-Huma email in State Dept. OIG report could be the proverbial SMOKING GUN

In case reading is also hard for you, Sally, and that appears likely, here’s a relevant bit:

Oh dear. So much for your pitiful Powell claim. Of course, it’s no surprise that you are once again shameless AND wrong. So at least you are consistent, huh? There’s that.