Geez, don’t be so “basic,” guys! As Twitchy readers know, actress Rose McGowan WAS told the “basic” truth about Democrat diversity when she posted an idiotic tweet about the GOP. But, she wasn’t done.

Serious You Guys. She’s an artist and stuff. What is she talking about? Take a look:

Sigh. Then she decided to double down … then triple down:

Oh dear. Clowns? What about self-BEclowning? Get ready for a triple down self-beclown:

That’s rich. Media lapdogs spin for Dems incessantly, Ms. McGowan. So if you are talking about THAT, then we’d agree! Alas, based on your past tweets about Republicans, we doubt you see that hard truth.


So, ‘rich white male Republicans,’ Rose McGowan? This ONE graphic exposes your idiocy