Seems like a parody of the lapdog media, right? Except it’s not a parody. This happened:

Holy. Cow. Yes, WaPo’s Wes Lowery being charged with trespassing in Ferguson is so totally like that, Thrush. If, you know, one is insane.

Laugh? Cry? How about both? Twitter users continued to school the fedora-clad fool.

Thrush doubled down on idiocy:


Ding, ding, ding!

Heh. Give him an extra portion of kibble in his lapdog bowl and he’ll never remember that.


Oh, honey. Bless your “willfully stupid” heart.

Yep. Keep digging, Thrush. And while you are digging, here is an exit question for you:


Washington Post’s Wes Lowery charged with trespassing while covering Ferguson last year; Update: Ryan Reilly too


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