But it sure is hack-tastic! As Twitchy readers know, CNN’s Chris Cuomo seems to be running for the mayor of Hackdom. He absurdly claimed that it isn’t the job of the White House to actually watch the horrific videos that uncovered more atrocities at Planned Parenthood.

Really, hack? As ludicrous is that was (and it was roundly and rightly mocked with hilarious results), did Cuomo’s attempted spin to aid Obama actually inadvertently slam Obama? Oh yes. It did. Here’s how the lapdog accidentally outed President Willful Ignorance:


Heck of a job, Chris. And an exit question for the White House flack:


These replies to idiot White House sycophant Chris Cuomo have us in stitches (and pumping our fists!)

Holy lapdog! Did CNN’s Chris Cuomo seriously just say THIS to cover for White House over Planned Parenthood?

WHAT?! Did Josh Earnest seriously just say THIS about ghastly Planned Parenthood videos?