It really is. But no worries! Cosmopolitan was among those who totally rose to the depraved occasion.

Yes. Yes, they are. Also crazy? Actress and board of directors member of A is For, Martha Plimpton. First, lets’s start with this:

Really? It is pro-aborts who care not one bit for the “safe” part. Did y’all forget about Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors?

The actress then went on to shamelessly and idiotically spin for Planned Parenthood after the rightful backlash sparked by the horrific video showing just how monstrous Planned Parenthood is.

The REAL liars? That’s you, Ms. Plimpton. And Cosmopolitan. And Planned Parenthood and those who support them.

Truth is hard for her. But here is just one basic truth that refutes her shameless idiocy:

Damn straight. Care to try again, Ms. Plimpton?

By the way, what does enrage Ms. Plimpton? This:

Priorities, guys.


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