What’s purely coincidental? Well, the Associated Press would have you believe that its outrageous photo showing a gun pointed at Ted Cruz’s head was totally not on purpose, guys. Funnily enough, some aren’t buying that excuse.

Yep. Funny that! Twitter users pointed out that curious fact on Sunday night when the AP photo firestorm first erupted.

In case you missed it, here are some examples. Resolved: Comparing these Obama photos to the Cruz photo is ALL that is needed to prove media bias once and for all.

It’s not funny, because it’s true: It’s expected. Media bias is now a given. Heck of job, lapdog media!


Do you believe this ludicrous ‘apology’ from Associated Press over its outrageous Ted Cruz photo?

Would the ‘#DoucheNozzle’ AP ever dare run a photo like this if it were a Democrat? Hint: Heck no!