Yep. How about that, Obama? Judge-y and dangerously incompetent. As Twitchy reported, President Obama gave a speech about the #CharlestonShooting. And, of course, ghoulishly politicized it with a push for for gun control. He went one foul move further by offering up an outlandish claim, which citizens were quick to point out was an “obvious lie.” According to Obama, mass killings don’t happen in other “advanced countries.”

Oh, really? The backlash over his statement continued Friday — You see, it doesn’t take much to refute that fallacy.

Since we are givers, here is a link for you to check out, President Obama. Perhaps it will spark your ghoulishly selective memory. But probably not; Truth. It’s so hard.

And a shattering exit point that scarily nutshells Obama’s dangerous incompetence:


‘Jackass’: Obama boosts his #CharlestonShooting gun control push with — what else? — ‘an obvious lie’

President Obama talks gun control during #CharlestonShooting statement 

‘Never let a crisis go to waste, eh @POTUS?’ Obama’s post-Charleston gun control push is ‘just in bad taste’