What sparked that? Well, we knew this would happen:On Monday, “social justice” extremist Marc Lamont Hill took to Twitter to offer up his take on the Garland shooting. And free speech:

Free speech is hard! So hard that Marc Lamont Hill isn’t quite sure what it means, evidently.

Ding, ding, ding!

Fixed it for you, buddy.

Twitter users gave him the business and rightly so.

Yep; Foul.

Alas, he wasn’t content to leave his foul idiocy at that. The asinine tweets continued as Marc Lamont Hill proved himself to be beyond parody:

But you are with your own words, sir.

Criminy! How low can he go?

Ludicrous Glenn Greenwald swooped in to provide cover:

Um. Did you forget about this, Mr. Greenwald?

Yep. Take a gander:

Double um.

So did he sink even lower too? You decide; here are more of his tweets (and the rest can be found on his absurd feed):



Precisely. Beyond parody and beyond sickening.


This Twitter user nutshelled it:

Amen. But, guys, Marc Lamont Hill doesn’t want any of that pesky common sense stuff:

No free speech and no free tweets either, evidently.

Keep exposing yourself, Marc Lamont Hill. And in the meantime, we’ll leave you with these two excellent exit questions:


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