Yes, he is. Radio host and author Larry Elder is always awesome. But he was in rare form today, responding to some vile remarks made by actor D.L. Hughley about “black conservatives.”

Hughley recently tweeted another foul and racist comment about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

That’s not racist, Mr. Hughley? The brainwashing by Dems is horrifying.

Ding, ding, ding!

Larry Elder has had it and took to Twitter to brilliantly give the actor the business.

Kick as in kick-ass! Take it away, Mr. Elder:



That’s not funny, because it’s true.

Will D.L. Hughley respond to any of Larry Elder’s truth-bomb questions? We won’t hold our breath. Here’s his response to a Twitter user who took issue with his racist remarks:

Racist and sexist? You’re a real winner there, Mr. Hughley.

Yep. Thanks for exposing that once again, D.L. Hughley. And keep rocking, Larry Elder. Bravo, sir. Bravo.


Racist much? Actor D.L. Hughley’s disgusting tweet about ‘black conservatives’ will make your blood boil

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