The thread was sparked by news of the #SydneySiege. As Twitchy reported, the siege in Sydney, Australia, is apparently thankfully over; Police reportedly moved in on the building where a terrorist had held hostages since Sunday night.

As Twitchy also reported, there was at first some confusion over the flag that the terrorist had at the scene. That was cleared up when the savage terrorist asked for an ISIS flag.

But, guys, still no “rush to judgment,” right? Iowahawk lets loose with a shattering idea.



And an exit alternative idea:


Report: Hostage taker demands ISIL flag and to talk to PM Abbott; Says 2 bombs in cafe

Breaking: Report of shotgun wielding man with ISIS flag holding hostages in Sydney, Australia [photos]; Update: Opera House evacuated; Update: Reportedly 13 hostages; Update: Not an ISIS flag; Update: Airspace over Sydney ‘CBD’ closed; Correction: Media reports airspace not closed

Police move in: Gunfire at #SydneySiege as hostages run from building [video, photos]; Update: ‘Siege over’

Full Twitchy coverage of the #SydneySiege