Wow, when you are too jackassy for King Douche, Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings, that is saying a lot. You see, this happened:

Here’s a screenshot:


Beyond oops. Just … wow. The #Serial hashtag refers to an actual real-life murder.

Murder LOLZ, huh Best Buy?

Twitter users swiftly gave Best Buy the business (but not the kind it would want).

Yes. Well, at least Best Buy’s social media person has.

The tweet is still up, with no apology as of this posting. Best Buy would do well to take note of this sincere apology from DiGiorno Pizza after it enraged many with an outrageous hashtag tweet.

We’ll keep waiting.

In the meantime, here is some irony for you: The previous tweet from Best Buy.

Double oops.

Update: The tweet has not been deleted, but Best Buy has now issued an apology:

Perhaps it did heed DiGiorno’s example. Straight-forward and sincere, it seems.


DiGiorno Pizza enrages with outrageous hashtag tweet; Politicians can learn from its apology

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