Ask and ye shall receive, buddy. What sparked that remark? Take a gander:

That conservative news site is Twitchy. As Twitchy readers know, that article (a must-read, for serious) also helped highlight another point. War on Women? Not in conservative new media. But there is a war BY women.


The Slate article also went on to say this:

OK, so that’s a humble brag. But allow us to bow and curtsy for a moment. Because don’t worry: It’s not all humble brags. Betsy Woodruff’s article also divulged this oh-so-awesome gem.

No, really. That happened.

More from Slate:

The site has also brought a new word into reporters’ lexicons: Twitchied, which refers to the often days-long onslaught of Twitter attention (and, sometimes, abuse) that journalists get after being featured on the site. One D.C.-based politics reporter, who didn’t want to go on the record, said one uncharitable Twitchy story about him came up on a date. His date had Googled him before they went out, and the Twitchy story bashing him was close to the top of his results.

Well, Twitchied or Twitchy’d as a verb shows something else too: Perhaps that whole “overlooked” thing isn’t working out so well for said journos when journos are discussing being Twitchy’d. Snicker.


But the date part: The most schadenfreudelicious thing ever? It’s close.

Who could it be?



Here are some flashbacks that might help solve this mystery:

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And we can’t forget HuffPo’s Ryan Reilly:

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What are your guesses, Twitchy readers?

Hmm. Doth he protest too much?

You tell ’em, Betsy.

This Twitter user has an idea of what happened when one lib journo was Googled:

Snicker. Speaking of Mr. Bobic, he was mentioned in the article as well:

Igor Bobic, Huffington Post’s associate politics editor, has also faced Twitchy’s wrath. “It’s become somewhat of an inside joke among reporters, and even prompts a round of congratulations,” he emailed. “What’s not fun is the avalanche of hate it immediately brings to your Twitter page, often forcing you to sign off for the next 24-48 hours.”

And is he back for more?

Don’t worry. We are sure it will happen again soon enough.

In the meantime, there’s this:


It’s ours too!


Check THIS out, lying Dems: War on Women? Not in Conservative new media