What sparked that? This:

It is a great piece, if we do say so ourselves. Because can you guess which site was the focus of that quote? Twitchy.

Please do pop over to Slate and read the whole thing penned by Betsy Woodruff. We promise: This isn’t a trick. It’s great. And it brought up this point … Paging lying grievance-mongering Dems:

Bam. Not only was Twitchy founded by a woman, the always-incredible and fierce warrior Michelle Malkin, but our Managing Editor is also … gasp … a woman. As is another integral member of our writing and editing team. Democrats shroud women in a veil of victim-hood. Conservatives empower them.

We know why. There is no “War on Women” by Conservatives. There is a “War BY Women.”

Fight like a girl? You darn betcha. Calling out lies, false narratives and kicking ass for the future of this country. While gigglesnorting.