As Twitchy readers know, David Masciotra penned a vile piece of garbage for Salon. You see, the jackass thinks that we should “stop worshipping men in uniform” and he bemoaned the fact that America’s bravest men and women are called heroes. Jesse Jackson is a hero to this tool, but not veterans. Got it?

Masciotra tweeted this to Montel Williams and to Twitchy:



Montel Williams has been giving him the business. Masciotra bravely ran away from Twitter and any rightful criticism by deleting his Twitter account.

Yep. Masciotra then returned to Twitter Monday night to double down on his douchebaggery and to claim victim-hood for himself. Montel Williams once again let him have it as only he can.

He can’t defend any merits because there are none, of course.

Mr. Williams then retweeted this excellent point too (as Twitchy readers know, Masciotra whined about people mocking his hair):



Threatened, David? We think not.

Amen, sir.

There is a reason why Masciotra’s pitiful tweets aren’t showing in Montel William’s replies to him. Guess what happened … again.

Truly pitiful.

And an evergreen exit reminder (please take note, David Masciotra):


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