Seriously, jackass? Wow, what a disgusting excuse for a man. As Twitchy reported, writer David Masciotra penned bile for Salon, in which he lamented calling America’s bravest “heroes,” and insisted that we all stop “worshipping men in uniform,”(unlike “hero” Jesse Jackson, according to Masciotra). Montel Williams rightly gave him the business. He then bravely ran away and deleted his Twitter account. Well, he’s back just in time for Veterans Day. And he is doubling (and tripling) down on the jackassery.

First he retweeted this enraging nonsense:


Then he retweeted a bunch of tweets quoting his deplorable piece in Salon.

And it got worse from there as Masciotra shrouded himself in a veil of victim-hood. Take a gander:

The shake fisty is strong with this one. But he wasn’t done with his snit fit.

Disgusting. Citizens attempted to set him straight.


His follow-up responses were just as moronic and infuriating.

There are no words for this level of douchebaggery.

And an excellent exit point for the idiot known as David Masciotra.


Hey, where’d he go?


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