The examples really are seemingly endless. As Twitchy reported, Brazile upped the hackery by appearing to basically say that the Nina Pham, the nurse infected with Ebola knew the risks. Sure, she praised her for “#service,” but many believed it was a case of “nothing to see here, guys! No screw-ups or anything. She knew the risks; no one is to blame.”

Plus, perhaps the risks would have been lessened if nurses had the proper gear.


This, of course, was after she took to Twitter to say there is nothing to fear about Ebola and mean old Republicans are just trying to scare you. Which one is it, Donna?

Hmm. It’s an outbreak now. But, hey, don’t point fingers, guys!

Not so fast, Ms. Brazile.

Ding, ding, ding! Hypocrisy, thy name is Donna Brazile.

As for the known “risks” nonsense:

Make it happen.

And the best response to Brazile and her latest shameless hackery?



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