It’s serious (and tragic). First actress Shannen Doherty reminded everyone of all of Obama’s “I ended the war in Iraq” lies via a brutal truth-snark video. Now this mock-worthy DNC and Obama flashback:

That did happen in 2012. Take a look!



Heh. As Twitchy readers know, President Obama pretended to be an ISIS adviser. And suggested that terrorists pin notes on the chests of hostages. No, really.


And an exit question for Democrats:


Obama won’t like this brutal video truth-snark from actress Shannen Doherty, so here it is!

You seriously will not believe Obama’s plan were he an ‘adviser to ISIS’ (it’s beyond parody) [photo]

It started with Obama advising ISIS to ‘pin notes on [hostages] chests.’ It ended with this brutal mockery

‘Terrorists didn’t get the memo’: @BarackObama flashback says it all about Iraq strategy