Asking for what? This:

Bam. We’ve made that point at Twitchy before as well. The media demands answers about a cover-up from the NFL, but Benghazi? Crickets.

And HuffPo showed its usual colors by
mocking and lying about Hasselbeck’s tweet:

Hasselbeck gave HuffPo the business.

How dare she speak up for herself and for the Americans killed in Benghazi? You know what the means, right? Time for some vile misogyny! Know your place, Elisabeth (and if you don’t, the Left will tell you what it is. Heaven forfend a woman think and speak for herself).

Oh no. Not a disgrace to “huminaty!”

And the winner of the filthy misogyny contest?

Repugnant. This is what the Left thinks of women. Remember that, always.


Here’s how media’s reaction to the NFL after Ray Rice video proves Obama boot-lickery