Pretty stern stuff there, Mr. Serious. Except, you know, your staggering lack of self-awareness is on display yet again.

But wait, there was more:

My fellow Americans, we live in a time of great change. Tomorrow marks 13 years since our country was attacked. Next week marks 6 years since our economy suffered its worst setback since the Great Depression. Yet despite these shocks; through the pain we have felt and the grueling work required to bounce back – America is better positioned today to seize the future than any other nation on Earth.

The random, baffling segue to the economy aside, what about this?

Bingo. To be fair, Obama was referring to September 11 during Wednesday night’s speech because the anniversary was the next day, of course. But the phrasing was as befuddled as the rest of the speech and it is enraging that it was made in passing and that he made no mention of other attacks on America since.

Did you forget so fast, President Obama?

Smartest. Man. Alive.

H/T @soderstrom


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