Yep. As Twitchy reported, the vile Debbie Wasserman Schultz diminished domestic violence with her disgraceful rhetoric suggesting that Gov. Scott Walker beats women. But wait a tick … didn’t Little Miss Debbie denounce hateful rhetoric (while blaming the Tea Party for the Tucson shooting, natch)? Oh yes, she did! Remember this?

Bingo. And she chooses to be vile over and over.

Blogger Caleb Howe gives Debbie Wasserman Schultz the business using her own words from back then.

More from Truth Revolt:

Yes, that is Debbie condemning the rhetoric of the woman-beating tea party. She is claiming the woman-beating tea party treats opponents like the enemy. She thinks the woman-beating tea party should tone down their rhetoric.

So remember folks, don’t treat your opponent like your enemy, or like they are a liar. Just call them a domestic abuser who is smacking women and pulling their hair. Because civil discourse, you guys!

And an exit point from 2012 that still fits today. Just substitute “abused women” for “Rep. Giffords.”

You are an atrocity, Ms. Wasserman Schultz. You dare speak for women? Shame. Shame on you.


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