President No Strategy (except on the fairway) is golfing today because of course he is.

Terrorist threats? Meh. He needs to keep his laser-like focus on his handicap.

US Embassy in Libya reportedly taken over by an Islamist militia group? Whatever. Turmoil, schurmoil!

Seriously. The hubris, it scorches. Of course, lapdogs won’t hold him accountable just like they didn’t when Obama ludicrously announced he has “no strategy” for ISIS. The always awesome Ace of Spades gave the media the business for that as only he can.


Yep. Remember that one? Lapdog journo Peter Maer used scare quotes when reporting on an Obama vacation and claimed presidents are never really on vacation.

Check out what the media was focused on instead:

Here you go …

Politely avert your eyes from things like this, you see:

Yep. But what say you media? Here’s a question for you:

Integrity left. HA! That’s a good one. Let’s make it a little easier for the lapdogs, though. Here’s a little compilation for them in case they need some help formulating questions for The One.

Your move, lapdogs.


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