Why? As fans of Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) know, this is his Twitter profile picture.


And then this happened:

Good question, but Twitter is now making up for lost time.

And so it begins …

No hair combing necessary. All that’s needed is a good dose of humor.

Move over, #Perrying, here comes #ExJoning.

Truth, as @ExJon’s equally amazing wife can attest:

We beg to differ. It’s now “sweeping the nation!”

Everyone wants a piece of it.

Gasping for breath!

Some stand-outs:

You tease, Jonah!

Awe. Some.

Speaking of winning:

What’s next?

Make it happen, Twitter.

Heh. Be careful there!

And exit reminders that bring it all home.

Never change, Twitter. Please.


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