Side-splitting! What sparked that? Well, you see, HuffPo justice reporter Ryan Reilly, who was briefly arrested in Ferguson, Missouri last week for failing to comply with police orders, posed an absurd question on Sunday.

Rubber bullets, ear plugs … same diff! Some sought to cut him a little slack and Reilly himself thin-skinnedly bemoaned people “celebrating” his ludicrous tweet.

Absurd. Mr. Reilly, do not even try to say that you would not jump on ANY error like that if made by a Republican politician. Good grief, just imagine if Sarah Palin tweeted it. Of course, she wouldn’t since she doesn’t live in an Ivory Tower and can tell the difference between rubber bullets and ear plugs. It would be the top media story with gleeful and giddy reporting for days on end. But a “justice reporter”? He can’t be expected to get facts straight, guys.

Most aren’t cutting him any slack, and for good reason.

Ding, ding, ding!

All about him? Ask and ye shall receive, Mr. Reilly. Givers decided to help you out with “confirming” some other items for you.

And a disturbing exit reminder:


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