Well, that’s an accomplishment? A Huffington Post associate editor joined the absurd feminist freak-out mix after Miss Nevada suggested self-defense could help combat sexual assaults on college campuses.

Wait, what? Surely “feminists” want women to be empowered, right?

Nope. First a Cosmopolitan editor declared the idea of women using self-defense to protect themselves “icky.” Then doubled-down.

Heh. But it was Huffington Post associate editor Mandy Velez who managed to inadvertently sum up everything that is wrong with modern “feminism” in a single tweet.

Bless. Her. Heart.

Seriously. But, hey, there’s always the oh-so-smart lib tactics of peeing and vomiting, right?

As Greg Gutfeld said, it’s the rapist who should be crapping.

Ms. Velez didn’t do herself any favors when she attempted to explain her asinine tweet.


Just tell people not to rape. That will totally work.

On the other hand, perhaps it would work:

Armed and fabulous.

An exit suggestion that Ms. Velez would probably embrace:



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