Exaggeration? Nope, although there are arguably others in contention, including Harry Reid.


Check out sicko Alan Grayson’s latest jackassery:

Disgusting, as usual.

Except totally believable, coming from the always depraved Grayson. Once again, a Democrat is dancing on someone’s grave for political purposes. ThinkProgress spurred the revolting and false narrative.

Lie indeed. With lots of gaps in the story. But here are some basic facts for the easily confused Grayson:

David pointed out to stubborn leftists exploiting this poor woman’s death that Medicaid is no panacea. Even had Charlene Dill had Medicaid coverage, she may not have been able to see a doctor. He notes that in Florida, only 60% of doctors* will see new Medicaid patients. He also notes the semi-famous case of Deamonte Driver, a Maryland boy who died of an infection related to an abscessed tooth. The left has exploited Deamonte’s death in a call for government-run health care, ignoring both the fact that Deamonte’s family had Medicaid coverage, and also that countries with single-payer health care, such as Britain, have notoriously poor dental care (see my 2009 book with Ryan Balis, PDF version available free here, for stories of desperate Britons pulling out their own teeth because that country’s National Health Service never gets around to treating them).

David, however, kindly accepted the left’s version of the Charlene Dill story, but it has gaps bigger than the alleged one they decry about Medicaid. Maybe all those gaps, if filled, would make the case the leftists want to make stronger — but if so, why isn’t the left filling them?

Yep. The sane also know that studies show Medicaid does little to improve health.

And a question for Mr. Grayson:

We’ll answer for him: Yes. And he proves it.

Here is another question for Mr. Grayson: What about the perilous effects of Obamacare? Since we are givers, we’ll help you read up on the heartbreaking story of Edie Sundby, a Stage IV cancer survivor who is unable to keep her insurance plan and doctors due to Obamacare:

But hey, reading, like truth, is hard for the insane, isn’t it?


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