Snicker. Why was actor Zach Braff in that featured role? Well, he let his jackassery out once again with these entries for #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words: “Willing to share wealth” and “not afraid of homosexuals.”


Speaking of afraid, Braff was evidently afraid of his own words and he swiftly bravely ran away by deleting his tweets. Alas, Twitchy is forevah! A Twitter user pointed out an even more pitiful aspect of Braff’s tweet deletion.

Bless his heart! Yep, Kristen Bell didn’t even delete her absurd tweets arguing that “rich people” should pay higher taxes because they “can afford it.”

So, Hollyweird hypocrites, how about this then?


Only two words were needed to blast Braff:


A suggestion for Mr. Braff:


Don’t hold your breath for an answer from the cowardly celeb:


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