Yep. And it never ends. Guess what topic was just discussed on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show.


Blogger Caleb Howe summed it up:


Author Lindsey C. Holmes didn’t like that apt assessment.

There are no words. Except for “bless your heart.”

Non-bless-your-hearty Twitter users mocked like the wind.

Well, we have a nit to pick there: The Left does. You see, they only see color. Isn’t that racist? And they do seek to turn women into helpless victims reliant on Big Daddy Government, which does attempt to push women down.

The idiot part is correct, though. In case you needed more proof of that, here is the latest Melissa Harris-Perry idiocy:

Idiocy? Confirmed!

What’s next for MSNBC?

Heh. But wait! There’s always this:


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