No, seriously. It is definitely in contention. Check out the analogy MSNBC’s Joy Reid made about Hobby Lobby and its case against Obamacare. The craft retailer is challenging Obamacare over its right to refuse to pay for potentially abortifacient drugs for its employees.

Oh, honey. WHAT?

For Ms. Reid, it is very difficult. Reality is oh-so-hard. But, hey, she has some other “arguments”:


Yep. Evidently she is idiotic and heartless.


Bingo. But why let facts and truth stand in the way of false narrative idiocy?

Beyond bless your heart-y.

Some questions for Ms. Reid:

We won’t hold our breath for an answer. In the meantime, these Twitter users sum it all up best:

Ding, ding, ding!


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