Yes, it was. As Twitchy readers sadly know, The Telegraph recently reported that U.K. hospitals have been using aborted unborn babies as heating fuel. Babies as cord wood: The stuff of nightmares horrifyingly come to life.

The heartbreak and the shake fisty is strong with this one. Fox News’ “The Five” host Greg Gutfeld had a righteously scathing response. Warning: It’s difficult to watch, but his message must be heard.


What have we become? Thank you, Mr. Gutfeld, for helping to expose this horror and depravity of man.

Beyond disturbing.

But the exposure is necessary. Viewers thanked Greg Gutfeld for his fearless and powerful monologue.




Amen. The voices of millions of innocent lives have been forever silenced. We must speak for them: Fight on we must and will.

We’ll leave you with a profound exit question from Mr. Gutfeld:


Sickening savagery: ‘The stuff of nightmares’; Aborted babies burned to heat UK hospitals