As Twitchy readers know, The Supreme Court takes up the case of Hobby Lobby today. The craft retailer is challenging Obamacare over its right to refuse to pay for potentially abortifacient drugs for its employees.

Sen. Ted Cruz stands with Hobby Lobby and religious freedom.

Confused lefties, bitterly clinging to lies, expose their idiocy, natch.

It absolutely is not, sir. Stop lying.

“Your.” Genius! Another genius:

Wow. What a smart take! Sigh.

The sane answered Sen. Cruz’s question with a resounding hell to the yes.


Sen. Cruz’s tweet has been retweeted nearly 400 times in an hour and counting. His Hobby Lobby support tweet from Monday has been retweeted nearly 1,500 times.

Stand with Hobby Lobby? We do.


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