Seriously. Well, this happened:


As Twitchy reported, Matt Drudge on Friday tweeted that he had just paid the Obamacare penalty, which he called a “Liberty Tax.” The White House, the Left and media lapdogs (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) swiftly began to mock and ridicule Matt Drudge, attempting to brand him a liar.

Yep. More from The Washington Times:

What each critical tweeter and pundit failed to realize was that Mr. Drudge, as the self-employed proprietor of The Drudge Report, files taxes as a small business on a quarterly basis.

The IRS requires self-employed business owners to file annual returns and pay estimated quarterly taxes. When entrepreneurs like Mr. Drudge file their 2014 first quarter taxes, they have to pay the individual health care mandate if they are not getting Obamacare coverage.

Huh. Fancy that.

Reality, like taxes, is hard!

Matt Drudge followed up on Sunday. Hey, White House and lapdogs, check this out:

Yep. Looky here:

make a payment

Truth. Boom.

What say you, White House?

Will the White House and its lapdogs beclown themselves further? All signs point to yes.


Matt Drudge: ‘Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting covered”