Good question from Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, as always. As Twitchy readers know, Senate Democrats inspired mockery with their absurd #Up4Climate sleepover. You see, the senators chattered about global warming nonsense. Why? Evidently just to hear themselves and smugly pat themselves on the back or something. They didn’t offer any legislation. Actual thinkies are hard!

Iowahawk had an answer for Ms. MacCallum:


And fellow Fox Newser Brit Hume offered up some signature snark. First, he dinged libs for their science denying.


And then he put the #Up4Climate slumber party in a snarkshell.

Hume. Boom.


Cox Radio’s Jamie Dupree brought it all home:

But, hey, they had a slumber party and stuff, guys!


Up for a laugh? #Up4Climate Senate sleepover inspires mockery

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