Ain’t that the truth! Since it’s a day ending in “y,” Chuck Todd’s hackery is no surprise. It’s far too late to change his lapdog ways, but perhaps this ill can be helped:

Giggling madly. You see, viewers cannot seem to look away from the disaster that is Chuck Todd’s hair (or lack thereof).

Oh dear. Well, we can’t disagree with the latter part of that tweet, at least. Just how bad is it? Here is Todd’s past hair, courtesy of WaPo’s Chris Cillizza:

Here he is now:

What in the hell happened?


The NBC hack’s hacked hair has been a topic of Twitter conversation for quite a spell.

The “can’t look away” fascination continues.

Oh honey. Fab doesn’t mean what you think it means. However, perhaps the facial hair is just another way to compensate and distract? Hats are perhaps better:

You need to wear one on air. Make it happen. For us.

In the meantime, is it time for a dialogue?



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