Gasping! What sparked that tweet and the #AmbPowersTweets hashtag? Well, as Twitchy readers know, Amb. Samantha Power further exposed her own idiocy with a tweet about Daniel Pearl, the journalist beheaded by jihadists in 2002. You see, all we need is some “reconciliation” and stuff to “break the cycle of violence,” guys! Twitter users were baffled by her inexplicable tweet: Victim blaming and evil or just incredibly befuddled stupidity? You decide.

In the meantime, it’s time to laugh instead of cry with some oh-so-deep thinking, Power-style:

Wiping. Tears.

Will this faux-pology be forthcoming?


And this Twitter user brings it home by tying it in with some delicious Piers Morgan-related snark:

Keep it coming, Twitter.


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