The consistently foul Joyce Carol Oates strikes again.

As Twitchy reported, Stephen King seems to have said that Dylan Farrow’s account of alleged abuse at the hands of Woody Allen had a sense of “palpable bitchery” to it. Joyce Carol Oates appears to have responded to that with this:

Oh well. King is not to blame and there is no need to “discuss” anyway. That little “issue” is not important or anything.

Hmm, why would she say such a thing?

Ding, ding, ding! You see, Ms. Oates continuously and grossly defends Woody Allen.

Case closed! Plus, she likes his quotes and stuff.

Oates continued Sunday:

Speechless. The soulless moral bankruptcy is strong with this one.

That’s neither here nor there to Ms. Oates. Because, this is what really matters:

Beyond repugnant. Hurl-inducing, in fact. Twitter users are disgusted:

But, looky here. Guess what is evil to Oates:

Seek help. Please.


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